Volunteer Fire Co.

Another game submission from Pastor Jeff Kroondyk!


An outdoor water relay race

Pro Tips:

  1. Do a dry run (or wet HAHAHAHAHA) with your leaders if possible to make sure your set up works well enough.
  2. Make sure your students know ahead of time that they're going to get wet.
  3. Don't play indoors ;)


  • A large water supply (I used three baby pools and filled them with a hose and I think we kept refilling them through the game)
  • Two 5 qt. paint buckets for each team (or any buckets you have around… make sure they’re the same size)
  • 1 gallon empty milk jug for each team
  • 2 line maker

How to Play:

Set up:

Make two parallel lines about 30 ft long and 7-10 ft. apart.

Place the milk jugs outside of the lines about 3 ft. away from one of the lines (spread them out along the line they are next to so each jug will represent one team)

Place one of the buckets for each team by each milk jug.

Set up the water supply somewhere outside of the lines far behind the other line (20-30 ft or so)


Transport the water from the water supply and fill your milk jug.  First to overflow the milk jug wins.


Each team will choose one person to stay by their teams milk jug for the whole game

The rest of the team will line up starting at the other line and going toward the water supply

The person at the end of the line will start with the other bucket.

When the game begins, the person at the end of the line will go get water from the water supply, bring it back to their team, and pass through each person to the person standing on the line.

The person will throw the water in the bucket (not the bucket) to their teammate who will try to catch the water with their bucket.

The person receiving the water may then pour the water into their team’s milk jug.

After the person throws the water, they take it to the water supply and the whole team moves up so a new person is at the front of the line.

The process repeats.