Eagle Wars

Thanks for your game submission Pastor Bradley Hamm! 


A lot like capture the flag. But with giant eggs! 

Pro Tips:

  1. This game could take a few hours so consider doing it as an event. Pastor Bradley says his kids love it even more than Humans vs Zombies!
  2. Go all out, get colored bandannas, giant eggs, and a even couple eagle masks! 


  • 2 Hula hoops
  •  8-12 small 6’’ balls(Dodgeballs work)
  •  white spray paint (Line paint) 
  •  a field the size of a football field.

How to Play:

Make a 50 yard line, this line is the difference between life and death.. or just getting tagged and taken to jail.

Place the hula hoops at the back of each “end zone” at opposite ends diagonal from each other and place 6 balls in each hula hoop. Hoop = nest, balls = eggs

Spray paint a square jail at the opposite side of the end zone. We play with around 150 students so I generally make a 15’x15’ square.

Line your students up and split them up. I usually count them and send odds right and evens left. 

The goal is to collect all the eggs and get them into your nest.

If you get caught behind enemy lines, you go to jail. If a runner tags an enemy they have to escort them to jail. Runners cannot leave their inmate to tag others. However, Runners can tag up to two enemies and escort them both back. Trick is, they have to make sure they’re still physically touching their inmate.

You can do eggs runs or jail runs, if a rescuer gets to the jail they’re immune and they can choose two people(MAX) to take back to their side.

If you do an egg run, you’re not safe until you get back to your side, YOU CANNOT TAG SOMEONE OUT UNTIL YOU PUT THE EGG IN THE NEST

You can buy yellow and red fabric and make small flags & headbands out of them to help mark teams.

Use the flags like you would flag football so there is no denying tagging someone. Just make sure your students don’t tie them in a knot.

OR just keep a close eye on them, call out cheaters and penalize them to jail for a mandatory 20 minutes.


-Add water balloons at the 50 yard line for more fun on the 2nd or 3rd round. (add $15)
-Add color run materials for even more fun. (add $50)
-Play at night with colored glow sticks and glow balls (this is expensive)