Jeff Kroondyk sent me an email about a game called Grudge Ball. I changed the name but the rest is still the same.


1. Whiteboard Supplies
2. Fun Trivia Questions
3. Nerf Basketball Hoop & Ball (Or a trash can/target)
4. Set up a 2pt & 3 pt line

How to Play:


  1. If your leaders play with the teams, encourage them to give the students a chance to answer first. Don't let this turn into a leader competition.
  2. Pair this game with a Nerd night theme night.
  3. Ask a youth to participate in selling this game by dressing up in "nerd" attire and challenging the group.

Goal: Answer trivia questions correctly and make a basket to erase all the points from opposing teams. Leader can decide how long to make the game last - either by time or rounds.

Split your group into even teams of 4-6. (Having more than 2 teams compete adds a fun strategic component).

Each team starts the game with 10 points on a whiteboard. 

Choose a team to answer a trivia question first.  If they answer the question correctly they automatically earn 2 erases and must shoot for a chance at more.  If they make the basket from the 2 pt. line they get 2 erases and 3 more erases if they make it from the 3 pt. line.  After they shoot they may erase points from any other team based on how many erases they earned.  They may use all their erases on 1 team or split them between multiple teams.

Move through the teams in order.

If a team loses all their points they may receive points back by answering a question correctly and scoring from the 2 pt. line.  They may not erase from other teams on that turn.

Note:  The whole team may work together to give the answer.  Have teams rotate who will shoot the basket for their team.  It cannot be the same person every time.