This is probably one of the funnest games I've heard of in a long time. It comes from youth pastor, Dave McCormick.


  1. A Couple Bananas per group
  2. Banana Costumes (these can be inexpensive - from Amazon or Walmart)

How to Play:


  1. Call authorities ahead of time. If you're going to do this at the mall, consider letting management know.
  2. Tell your bananassassins to take it easy. They don't need to take a whole team out. 

Dave says, "We did a photo scavenger hunt but every group got a banana and you had to take a banana selfie with whatever you were searching for. What made it hilarious was that we had a couple guys running around in banana suits chasing after the groups and trying to steal and destroy their bananas. They were the Bananassassins. So good. We called it "Bananarama" and if you can picture groups of screaming children being chased by giant bananas... We let the cops know ahead of time that we were doing this. They laughed too."

Hey, that's a great pro-tip Dave!

I suggest a couple bananas per group so that the teams can continue playing even if one of their bananas gets "assassinated."

If you've never done a photo scavenger hunt, here's a how to.