Time to Grog it up folks!


1. Flashlight


  1. Jeff Kroondyk suggests playing in a dark sanctuary!

How to Play:

Dismantle a flashlight and place the pieces in different rooms. Don't go overboard. Try to keep it simple with 3-4 pieces. Turn off the lights. Choose someone to be the Grog. They'll go hide in the dark. The remaining group is tasked with finding the pieces of the flashlight, putting them together and shining the light on the Grog. If they do, they win. The Grog's job is to tag people. Once tagged, a person is frozen. They can become unfrozen again if a teammate tags them.

The other alternative is to say, "Once you're frozen, you're out." Or "Once you're frozen you must freeze for one minute and then you become a Grog."