Lucky Charms Scavenger Hunt


  1. A box of lucky charms

How to Play:

Divide the group into several teams. Hide Lucky Charm Marshmallows around the church or house that you're meeting at. The team that brings back the most in the time allotted wins. Feel free to play this game outside if weather permits. Set a time limit depending on how many teams you have, the area you're playing in, and the amount of marshmallow charms you hide. Tell them that for every minute their team is late (even just one member) you'll deduct a marshmallow charm from their findings. Team with the most marshmallow charms wins!

Pro Tips:

  1. Make sure students know which rooms are off limits. Bathrooms, children ministry rooms, etc.
  2. Don't hide the charms too well. They're small enough to begin with and a fast paced, high energy game is always a safer option.