HUVr Hoop


  1. I hoop per team.

How to Play:

You'll want to have several teams with 5-8 people on a team. Each team stands in a circle facing inward. They rest a hoola hoop on their hands and on the count of three, the team that lowers theirs to the ground first wins. You must have students hold their hands like they're shooting a finger gun. The hoop rests on their fingers. Don't allow students to curl thing finger around the hoop. This gives them too much power.

It doesnt sound like much but students will find it hilarious that the hoop has such a hard time going downward. Because there are so many fingers, the hoop is incredibly light and students don't realize that they're the ones keeping it from moving downward. Expect some of your students to get frustrated with each other.

Pro Tips:

  1. Even after we gave very specific directions, we still had a student curl his finger around the hoop. Make sure your leaders keep a look out.
  2. Let the game play out as long as it remains fun. If a team wins suddenly, chances are they cheated in order to do so. And depending on how long the game took to play, you might have to be okay with that.
  3. Play the video for your youth group and let them know that Huvr Technology has arrived and they're about to experience it at work.