Balloon Suit

A great group game for photo ops!


  1. Lots of balloons
  2. Lots of masking tape (Don't use painters tape)

How to Play:

Split the group into teams of 3-5 players. Have each team choose a person to wear the balloon suit. The other team members will help to create the balloon suit. On "go" have the teams wrap their chosen team member in tape (sticky side facing out). Give them 2 minutes to make this happen. Then stop everyone. Now, on "go" have the students stick as many balloons to their teammate as possible. Stop the madness before any one team is finished with their pile of balloons. (It's best to leave students wanting more).

Whichever team has the biggest balloon suit at the end wins!

Pro Tips:

  1. Take a video of your leaders playing this game. Speed up the footage, mute the sound, add some fast music and all of the sudden you have a great promo.
  2. The bigger your teams, the more people will have an opportunity to sit back and not do anything. Try to keep teams as small as possible. Admittedly this will require a lot of balloons and a lot more tape.