Quad Pull

Thanks to Gary Lamb for submitting this game idea.

(1) members from each of the opposing teams (up to 4 teams) takes hold of a circular tug-o-war rope. Behind each member is a cone (at least 8-10 feet away) On the whistle, each team tries to pull the other members enough so that they can reach back and touch their cone with their HAND. First member to do so wins the round. Repeat the process until team member has a chance. Award (1) point to the team who wins each round. The team with the most points at the end is the winner.

-(4) cones
-(1) eighteen foot rope (measured and bought one from Lowes for $17, soft nylon preferred)
-(1) roll of medical tape (optional)

Set up:
-Tie the rope at each end so that it now forms a circle
-Wrap medical tape around the rope where participants would likely grab onto (optional)
-Put (4) cones down in a square/diamond pattern. put the cones at least 12 feet apart from each other
-Mark the ground, underneath where each of the cones is (makes it easy to reset the cones). Also mark the center so you know where they should start.
-Measure and mark another spot, about (4) feet closer to the center for each of the four cones. This will be used to move the cone to in the event that there is a stale mate, and you need to re-motivate the participants when they are getting tired.

-Participants can only use their hands to grab the rope. No wrapping around body parts (safety!)
-If there is a stale mate, yell out "cones!" so that the sponsors can simultaneously move the cones from the far away position, to the closer position. It's amazing to see how fast the kids will get a second wind when they notice the cones move up.

This is a fast pace game that will likely take about 2 minutes per round. We did about 17 rounds in 30 minutes.