Panic Dodgeball

This game comes from Matt Fast (Although he called it Crossfire Dodgeball).


Multiple direction, one against all dodgeball - round based

Pro Tips:

  • Use the different colour Rhinoskin dodgeballs.

  • Every once in a while tell the students to re-number themselves so it changes up things and so certain kids aren't losing every round they are in.


  • Dodgeballs

  • Dice

  • and a Big enough room with nothing breakable in it.

We Recommend:

Champion Sports Rhino Skin Dodgeballs (Set of 6, Neon Rainbow, 6")Champion Sports

How to Play:


  1. Divide group into teams of 6

  2. Tell teams to give each member a number 1-6 and then they can jumble themselves up

  3. Each team lines up along outside of room so that all teams are in one big circle looking into the field of play

  4. Each team gets a coloured dodgeball which is their team colour

  5. Each teams dodgeball is placed across the room from them in front of the team they are looking at


  1. Roll dice and call out a number (1-6)

  2. From each team, the student with the assigned number has to run across the room and get their colour dodgeball

  3. They have to then hit other players with their ball to get them out before they are hit themselves (if there are 4 teams then each round is 1 versus 3)

  4. They can only throw their colour of dodgeball

  5. They can block with their ball but cannot pick up, kick to the side, or touch the other teams ball.

  6. They must stay in the room, but can use other teams to hide behind as a strategy

  7. Last person standing wins a point for their team

  8. Game goes till one team wins the previously decided amount of points