Wheres the Weenie

A fast paced “Where’s Waldo” style game (with hotdogs instead of Waldos).

Pro Tip:

  • There’s 10 game slides so feel free to get rid of your least favorite (to avoid tie-breakers) OR have a tie breaker planned ahead of time.


  • Projector & Screen

  • powerpoint

How to Play:

Have two people come up to compete to see who can find the weenie the fastest.

Whoever finds the hotdog on the photo gets a point and whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.

It’s pretty simple really but make sure you have a screen that’s close enough to the students or a way for your students to be able to interact with the screen (large dowels, different colored laser pointers, etc).

You can make this yourself if you have some pretty basic photoshop skillz. In fact, here’s a hotdog with a transparent background for you to use to get you started.

This game will take you a few hours to do on your own so if you’d rather pay $2 you can save yourself a buttload of time and buy it here.