Hot Or Not?


A fast paced powerpoint game that has more to do with reflexes than brain power

Pro Tips:

  • Be clear about the rules to the game - hot means that it could probably burn you and “not” doesn’t mean freezing - it just means that it probably wouldn’t burn you!

  • Be clear about the scoring - the first person to guess right wins the point for the round and if you guess wrong then it costs you a point.


  • Projector & Screen

  • powerpoint

How to Play:

Have two people come up front to face head to head.

Go over the rules clearly. The first person to guess correctly if the object of the photo is hot or not gets a point. If you get it wrong, a point gets deducted. The person with the most points wins.

If there’s a tie use this tie-breaker question: “The first person to tell me the hottest item pictured wins.”

Create a powerpoint with various photos that are either hot or not - you can be tricky by adding red objects that aren’t hot or spicey objects that aren’t hot or blue objects that are hot. It’s the fast paced factor that keeps students on their toes and even causes them to shout out the wrong answer at times. Enjoy.

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