Two Truths and a Lie


1. Nuthin' but yer brains.

How to Play:

As a test round, bring a leader up front and have him share two true statements and one lie about themselves (ie. "I've been to Nebraska, I'm allergic to Cantaloupe, I'm obsessed with fish tacos"). Ask the group to identify together what they think the lie was. Then, bring a student up front and have them share two truths and a lie. Ask the group what they think the lie was.

Consider making this a team competition. Where one representative from team A will tell team B two truths and a lie. And if Team B guesses correctly they get a point but if it's incorrect the other team gets a point. Then send a representative up from team B to challenge team A. So on and so forth. End it before people get tired of it and tally up the scores. Woot.