Dance Your Hat and Gloves Off

This game had its origins with Jimmy Fallon.


  1. One hat per contestant
  2. Two gloves per contestant
  3. Music

How to Play:


  1. Tell students their hands can't touch their heads or their other hand.
  2. Tell students they can't use a wall or any objects for that matter.
  3. Join in on the fun.

Give each contestant one hat and two gloves. Choose an even number of contestants. If you have more than 2 volunteers than have them compete in groups of two and eliminate the ones who lose. Then have the winners face off.

The object of the game is to "dance" your hat and gloves off while music is playing... The first person to "Shake it off" wins.

You could play Taylor Swift's "shake it off" but she does say "Hella good" and "Oh my God!" so use your judgment on that one.