Hitting Mom with Marshmallows

I came up with this game after watching a trending vine: shooting mom with marshmallows.

(You can see it here )



  1. 1 Marshmallow gun per pair of students (so at least 2, but this is optional)
  2. Marshmallows
  3. Two low but wide Containers. (5 gallon buckets work well.)

How to Play:

This is a 2 player vs. 2 player game that is ideally played with one guy and one girl on each team. One teammate stands up front, with the empty bucket by their feet.  The other teammate stands a few feet back (how close they stand depends on whether or not you use a marshmallow gun). They have to work together to try and get as many marshmallows as possible into their bucket -- We find it best if the girl is the one shooting/throwing and the boy is the one getting hit with marshmallows.  

 Have the girl (or whoever the "shooter" is) stand a few feet back from her partner (maybe put a piece of painters tape on the ground to mark where to stand).  She then shoots the boy with the marshmallow gun (or just throws the marshmallows) and tries to rebound them off his body and into the bucket at his feet. The marshmallow MUST hit the boy before it goes into the bucket (we ain't just tossin mallows in a bucket here, people.  There's gotta be some skill required). Give each couple 10 marshmallows and whichever couple scores the most wins. If you have a tie, do a tie breaker where they each shoot a marshmallow at a time until one makes it and the other misses. The boy (or whomever getting hit with the mallows) can't use their hands but can move their bodies to help make the mallows go into the bucket.


Pro Tips:

  1. Anyone have good music for this? Ruby says "My Hitta" by Rich Homie Quan won't do. (Although you could probably loop the chorus).
  2. Download the vine using Realplayer (or whatever you use) and play it before the game.
  3. Girls probs aren't the best candidates for the ones being hit by marshmallow guns. It's not chivalrous and girls getting hit in the chest repeatedly might be asking for negative consequences.