Valentines Day

Impossible Shot

A simple game where students are challenged to make a near-impossible shot.


  1. A small goal of some sort (we spray painted a plastic pretzel barrel gold) and hung it from the ceiling.
  2. A ball (we used a racquetball)

How to Play:

Call up several volunteers on stage to try to make the "impossible shot." Tell them where they need to stand and where they need to throw to. We set our goal up on the other side of the room to make it extra challenging. This is a great game for advertising a big event -- for example, offering a free scholarship to camp for anyone who makes the shot. I heard of another group that added 5 dollars to the jackpot every week and the student that made it got to take the jackpot home. That's pretty cool stuff.


Pro Tips:

1.) Hide the ball after every game. Otherwise students will go up on stage and practice. They'll lose the ball and eventually their muscle memory will help them make it in the goal. Which they may take advantage of the next week.

2.) Make sure students know it's possible and make your intentions known beforehand. For example, if it bounces out, will you still count it?