Suburban Dictionary

Suburban Dictionary is one of the few games on here that I've come up with on my own. We were doing a series called "Trills vs. Frills" and so as a way to explain what "trill" meant, I made a game for it. But it's funny on it's own and I'd encourage you to at least finish reading :)

We called our version greensburban dictionary because Greensburg is a nearby city. The font is dripping marker.


  1. Slideshow software like powerpoint.


How to Play:

Create a slide show with pop culture terms. Have the first slide provide word only. Have the next slide provide a definition. Have volunteers come up and sit in front of everyone. Give them a pad of paper to write on. When they see the word, they write their definition for it. When they're done writing... read the definitions to the crowd. Then advance the powerpoint slide to the word's actual definition and choose whoever was closest. Someone gets a point no matter what. 

Here's some currently relevant words:

  1. Trill ( A combination of true and real)
  2. Ratchet (Diva)
  3. Sweg (An alternative spelling of swag)
  4. Hashtag (a twitter organizational feature)
  5. Whip (car)
  6. Go Hammer (go crazy? Put forth a lot of effort?)
  7. Merc or Merced (pronounced Murked, meaning murdered as in --- mercenary.)
  8. Scrilla (meaning money, though I have no idea why)
  9. Can you think of anymore? This game can be continually updated so feel free to add your own terms.



Pro Tips:

  1. Have a trusted friend go through your words for you and make sure you haven't chosen anything inappropriate without knowing it. I heard a pastor recently ask for more "hit it and quit it testimonies" and... I don't think that means what he thinks it means.
  2. Stay current. Some of those words are already old. Students aren't talking about ghost riding the whip anymore.
  3. Adapt the name and make your own slide if you can make it more locally relevant. (ie: Greensburban dictionary).
  4. Download dripping marker font for free and use it in your slides to match the game slide.