Glove Head

Glove head is a hilarious game. I played it at the first young life club I ever went to. And I had a pretty large head.



  1. Large or extra large latex gloves.


How to Play:

Call up several volunteers. Have each volunteer stretch a glove over their head, holding the opening around their head at the bottom of their nose. Don't let students go past their mouths, just past their nose. On the count of three, have students blow through their nose. First student to blow their glove up until it pops wins. This might sound like there is a lot of unknown... but it's really fun. So try it out ahead of time if you're debating it. I promise it's worth it. Just make sure your gloves are big enough and stretchy enough.




Pro Tips:

  1. If a student has an exceptionally big noggin and you're afraid the glove won't fit... save him the embarrassment and don't choose him to come forward.
  2. Have someone ready to take pictures.