The Ring Leader

The Ringleader is a fun mixer that gets students moving around and acting silly, as a group.


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How to Play:

Have all your students form a circle, facing inwards. Choose someone to stand in the middle (preferably a leader for the first round). The object of the game is for the person in the center to identify who the ringleader is. Have the person in the center close their eyes while you choose the ringleader. The ringleader performs a continual gesture that the group then follows. Once the ringleader begins the gesture, the person in the middle can open their eyes. The ringleader then changes gestures whenever he or she wants to, as often as they want to, as many times as they want to. The group does what the ringleader does. The person in the middle must identify the ringleader, once they do, choose a new ringleader and a new person to stand in the center.

Here are some examples of gestures:

  • Patting your head
  • Rubbing your tummy
  • Jumping up and down on one leg
  • High-Fiving your neighbors
  • Blowing Kisses
  • Blinking a Ton
  • Stroking your chin
  • Clapping
  • Picking your nose
  • Running in place

Pro Tips:

  1. Play Music.
  2. Have a leader start in the center and another leader to be the ringleader.
  3. Depending on your group, discourage students from starting a gesture that would be inappropriate to perform.
  4. Due to anatomical differences, it might be decent for a man to perform a gesture while indecent for a woman to follow suit. Make sure students know they don't have to do anything that makes them uncomfortable.
  5. Share some examples of gestures while you explain the game in order to help your students think on their feet.