It Factor

An awesome game, that's been around for a while.


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How to Play:

Everyone sits in a circle (facing inward). Someone stands in the middle. The person in the middle doesn't get a chair. There are only enough chairs for everyone who is seated. No extra chairs in the circle. The person in the middle yells out a quality/characteristic of people in the circle. If the people in the circle have that quality or characteristic, they must find a different chair. If they do not find a different chair, they must go in the middle.

For example, if the person in the middle yells "under 5'6." Then all the people in the circle under 5'6 have to get up and find a new seat.

Potential Examples:

  1. Brown hair
  2. Beards
  3. Blue eyes
  4. Black Socks
  5. 16 or older
  6. Brushed teeth this morning
  7. Grey Shirt
  8. Wearing Deodorant
  9. Has a license
  10. Have hunted wild animal
  11. Afraid of heights


Pro Tips:

  1. Encourage your students to yell or talk loudly when they're in the center. We had a very soft spoken girl and she struggled a little.
  2. If you don't have chairs, have students take their shoes off and put them in front of their feet while they're standing in a circle. Standing behind the shoes is then equivalent to sitting in a chair.
  3. Play some music, keep it high energy, stop the game before it starts to get old. Leave them wanting more.