Sword Fighters

This awesome game was submitted by pastor Andrew May who is even more awesome. 


Fun One on One game that can work in small or big groups. Each students competes against a partner in a sword duel.

Pro Tips: 

Make sure you have a define space where students can duel. They may take the fighting all over your church building if the game is contained.



How to Play:

Each student finds a partner. Partners stand across from one another. Students then extend their right hand towards each other and interlock thumbs. Once interlocked, each student points out their pointer finger. 

When the leader yells GO each student's goal is to push their pointer finger towards their opponent and touch some part of their body. Once one of the students is poked they are out. The winner finds a new partner for a new round. 

You can either make this a tournament competition of elimination where one student wins all of their rounds and is the group champion, or you could simply have students choose a new partner once their match is over. Note that if students break from one another it is a draw and they have to start over.