Human Pinball

This game comes from Pastor Jeff Kaetzel (He also hooked us up with "Ultimate Foot Basket." 

I've also heard people call it "Spiderball" or "Spider dodgeball" although human pinball seems to be more descriptive. 


It's every person for themselves. The goal is to be the last person standing after the chaos has subsided. 

Pro Tips:

  • This is a great game for as little as 5 people and as many as 50
  • Getting soft bouncy balls works best
  • Some students love to cheat or don't pay attention and stand up and put themselves in play when they shouldn't. Stay woke. 


  • All you need is a room to play in (preferably one without any breakables)
  • Small, preferably softer rubber balls. (How many balls depends on how many people are playing, but you'll want at least 3 balls in play at all times)

We Recommend:

How to Play:

The rules of ultimate frisbee are in play, meaning that if you have a ball in your hand (you can only have one at time), you cannot move. You can pivot on one foot, but you may not move. 

You are trying to throw the ball and hit someone else below the neck. If you hit someone, they have to sit down on the ground. (If you throw at someone and they catch it, then you sit down and they remain standing).

If you are on the ground you can get back up by grabbing a ball that is either bouncing to you or rolls your way and hitting someone that is standing. (I have also seen it played so that anyone you touch that runs by you while your sitting down has to switch places with you. They sit and you get to play again). 


CHAIN REACTION: If you are sitting on the ground and there is not anyone standing near you to throw at, you may throw the ball to another person who is sitting on the ground (they must catch it and not let it hit the ground). If they throw it and hit a person standing, then you both get to stand up and the person who was hit sits down. 

This can be repeated for however many people you want (if you form a chain with 12 people and then the 12th person throws the ball and hits someone, then all 12 get to stand up). Remember, the last person to touch it has to hit someone standing in order for the chain reaction to count. If they throw and miss, then the chain is broken and you have to start over. 

NOTE: Remember that it is everyone for themselves, so if the last person in the chain reaction doesn't want the others to stand up, they can break the chain by simply bouncing the ball on the ground. If they do this, then the chain is broken and if they hit someone standing, only they get to stand up. But be careful, because if you are known to break chains, then chances are no one will trust you the rest of the game. So proceed with caution! 

The game ends when there is one person left standing. This game is great for multiple rounds!