Find the Chalupa

This game idea comes from Jakob King, a youth pastor at Eagle Christian Church in Eagle, ID.


Students find hidden Chalupas


  • Chalupas

How to Play:

Jakob says, "We started playing this game at the beginning of the year called "Find The Chalupa". Basically i just went and bought 10 chalupas at Taco Bell and hid them all over the field and parking lot near our church and released the kids to go find them. It was a blast and the kids loved it. There are still a few chalupas out there...


I'm not gonna lie guys, I'm drawn to the name of this game. And I'm drawn to the idea. I might simplify this a bit and play it semi-regularly. I can picture hiding one chalupa in the room every so often and announcing "It's Time to Play Find the Chalupa!" and watching our teens scramble to find one chalupa in the room. Just a fun and really quick opening activity to set the extra goofy mood.