Body Body

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  1. Deck of cards or slips of paper

How to Play:

We play a game with our youth called Body, Body! You have each student pick a card (either from a deck of cards or just pieces of paper from a hat) to pick murderers. So if you're using paper, some would be marked to indicate a murderer; if you're using a deck of cards you simply pick a card like the Kings to play the part. With minimal lights on in the building, everyone walks around while the murderers gently squeeze their "victims" shoulders to "kill" them. When someone gets squeezed, they continue walking around for ten seconds before dying dramatically and lays on the ground. When someone else finds the body, they yell "Body! Body!" Over and over until everyone arrives to the area. Turn on the lights and as a group decide on who you think the murderer was. The person voted out, and the one who died leave the game, and the round continues until all of the murderers have been caught or everyone dies.