Crane Master

This is a fun game in which leaders play an important role.

Supplies Needed: None

How to Play:

Announce the rules ahead of time. Students must stand on one leg. The leg and foot they're not standing on must not come into contact with any part of their body. The last person standing wins. Leaders will be walking around trying to get students off balance. When a student is out they can join the leaders in trying to get other students off balance. No one is allowed to touch anyone else. When the leader of the game gives a new direction, students still in the game must listen. Students are not allowed to switch feet/legs once the game starts. 

This is not meant to be an endurance game. Try shouting out these directions to speed things up if your students excel at standing on one foot: Flap your arms. Stop flapping your arms. Hop up and down on one foot. Stop Hopping up and down on one foot. Hop up and down on one foot while rotating in circles. The hardest one is: Stand on your tippy toes on one foot.

Leaders should be walking around the room during the game trying to get students to lose their balance. You can achieve this by bolting full speed at a student and then stopping right before you collide with them. Getting them to laugh. Pretending to tickle them. Pretending to blow them over with your awesome lung capacity. Offering to high five them. Getting in their comfort zone, etc.