Block, Chop, Pressure Points

A fun, and in my opinion, better variation of Rock, Paper Scissors.

Supplies Needed: None

How to Play:

We played this game with two other martial arts themed games so we took a little bit longer introducing it and had fun selling the game.

I boasted to the students that I was a white belt in jujitsu in middle school - so I knew what I was talking about. When someone goes to karate "chop you" you counter with a block. Two leaders acted this out. When someone blocks you, you counter with a pressure point, naturally. And if someone comes at you with a pressure point - you chop them... Duh!

Pro Tips:

  1. Play some music
  2. Show the students how to play and the gestures.
  3. Tell the students to "bounce" their fists up and down three times at the start. Some students just gestured when I counted to three and other students "bounced. There was some confusion. Every game of rock paper scissors starts with bouncing of fists up & down. Don't believe me?
  4. Play a practice round. It extends the game a bit and helps students to understand.

After you've trained your students, let them know that the game is played like rock, paper scissors. Except it's block, chop, pressure point. Block beats chop. Chop beats pressure point. Pressure point beats blocks.

Have them find a partner. Let them know that the game will be played in rounds. Let them know to begin on the count of three. Count to three. Have those who lost sit down and those who won find a new partner. Continue playing until only one person is declared the winner.

If they accidentally do scissors or paper, they're out... Which makes the game a lot more interesting and a little more challenging. We had a 6th grade girl and an 11th grade boy face off during the final round and the boy gestured scissors and lost. It was great.