Human Wallpaper

Human Wallpaper.jpg

The ol' duct tape your kids to the wall game. We used a painted cinder block wall in our youth room and the duct tape didn't do any damage.


  1. One roll of duct tape per team.

How to Play:

Have students get into teams. Each team chooses one teammate to stand on a chair with their backs against the wall. One person on the team should tear the tape off the roll and the other students should do the taping.

Pro Tips:

  1. If two students look like they're going to stay on the wall forever, declare a tie! Don't let games last too long.
  2. Test the wall first, TEST THE WALL FIRST. Or just make sure no one cares if you destroy it.
  3. Tell students not to tape over head/face hair.

Tell them they're being timed and they need to do this quickly. When all the students seem to be well taped, say, "times up" and don't let students add anymore tape. Remove all of the chairs that are underneath the students who are taped to the wall. The team belonging to the student that takes the longest to fall off the wall wins. Provide spotters.