capture the flag

Glow Stick Capture The Flag

This is a favorite in our youth group. We might play it 4 times a year.


  1. Glowsticks (two per player, one for each wrist). One color per team.
  2. 2 Larger glowsticks (or many connected to form a giant ring) This will be a flag.

How to Play:

Its capture the flag but it's done in the dark and with glow sticks.

Divide students up onto two teams, and give each player two glow sticks for their wrists.  Make sure you stick with one color glow stick per team. Players can hide their glowsticks (on their wrists) behind their backs while they play (to be "invisible" to the other team) but not under their sleeves. We use an indoor basketball court, select two corners of the room for jails and put the flags inside the "key" on either end. Players aren't allowed to tag you if you're in the "key." That's basketball court lingo. I don't know what else to call it but you should get the idea.

Pro Tips:

  1. If a flag is dropped or thrown it must be put back from whence it came.
  2. Give specific Jail rules beforehand. Ex: Set up the Jail so that if a player touches the jail, everyone is freed and gets a free walk back but they have to go back to their side before they can try to get a flag. The person freeing the prisoners can still get tagged at any point.
  3. Using glow sticks in a game = darkness is a must.  So if you're wanting to do this outside, plan accordingly and maybe do so after the lesson.