Giant Jenga

Just like Jenga... except gianter. We'll show you how to build it and then tell you about some great variations.

How to Build:

Buy 2X3 lumber in 8ft lengths (5 of them). Measure out 7.5" and then cut. You'll end up with 60 7.5" pieces. You can use sand paper to clean up the edges. We left ours raw. We bought cheap pine from Lowes and it ended up costing us 10 dollars for the whole project.

Pro Tips:

1.) Giant Jenga weighs more than normal Jenga and due to small warps and imperfections in the wood, students will most likely need to use two hands.

2.) Once a student touches a plank of wood, they've committed to pulling that out and placing it on top.

How to Play:

Variation 1: Divide the group into teams and have them each teach take turns. Team that causes it to topple loses.

Variation 2: Bring two people up front and blindfold them.

Variation 3: Write on the wood (either the side facing up or the side facing down) a challenge to complete or question to answer. Play with teams. Everytime a student takes a piece out, they must read it and complete the challenge written on it before placing it back on top of the Jenga.