What makes this great is that when kids see the promo, the highly doubt that real cars will be involved. You'll show them. You'll show them all.


  1. Two real cars. Or more.

How to Play:

Break kids up into teams (one team per car unless you do multiple rounds.  In that case you can have the teams take turns and just use the same two cars over and over again). Throw your cars in neutral and let teams push them. Make sure you also have someone steering the car unless you want things to end poorly. Have a start line and a finish line. My church has a decent sized lower parking lot that no one uses on Wednesday nights. It was safe, and tons of fun. My toyota echo lost to someone's more aerodynamic car... but it may have had more to do with who was pushing. If you can make this game work, it's a ton of fun.

Pro Tip:

  1. Have someone ready to take pictures
  2. Have a judge ready at the finish line.
  3. Have someone ready at the starting line to say "Gentleman, don't start your engines. On your mark, get set, Go!" Or whatever your like.
  4. Challenge a strong kid to a race (just you and him and the drivers).