Better Than You

Better than you is an awesome group game in which any teen can feel like a winner.


  1. A ruler will come in handy

How to Play:

Divide your group up into many teams. And then announce that you're going to have several mini competitions to see which team is better than the others. Every round is worth 1 point. Every round a team is allowed to send up 1 representative that they think will have the best shot at winning a point for their team. The team with the most points wins.


  1. Longest finger nail
  2. Loudest burp
  3. Loudest Whistle
  4. Longest hair
  5. most mustache hair
  6. Dirtiest sock
  7. small thumb
  8. Longest Tongue
  9. Best Thumb Wrestler
  10. Best Arm Wrestler
  11. Most Swag
  12. Loudest Clap



  1. Limit the number of categories. Only pick the best ones for your group
  2. Have a leader in each group and make sure the teams cheer for their representatives
  3. Keep a scoreboard visible (Big dry erase board maybe?)
  4. Consider having the teams name themselves.