Ginger Bread Creation

Why isn't this a gingerbread house contest? Because ginger bread tanks are better.


  1. You shouldn't spend all your money on gingerbread, use graham crackers instead.
  2. Icing (not whipped) 1 or 2 containers per team
  3. Gum drops, peppermints, candy canes, pretzel rods, red hots, Christmas colored candies, etc.
  4. Large Paper Plates or card board box panels for them to build their creations on (so you can move them after they're made).

Pro Tips:

  1. Take pictures
  2. Let the students know your judging categories.
  3. When your wife is on the team that makes the grand piano and they lose to the team that made the robot... blame it on the other judges.

How to Play:

This makes me miss Christmas. Break students up into teams and distribute their "ginger bread supplies." We put everything into bags before hand and count it all to make sure each team got the same number of pretzel rods, candies, etc. Then tell the students to make whatever they want out of their gingerbread. Set up judges and give the judges categories. (Structural integrity, creativity, aesthetics, etc). Give the students a time limit and announce a winner. We've had tanks, grand pianos, and robots. One team decorated a teammates face once rather than making something on the cardboard. We didn't mind.