Boom Boom Blindman

This game is also from, it was submitted by Ryan Lewis. 


  1. 4 sets of 20 colored non-helium balloons (each set a different color).
  2. 4 blindfolds
  3. 4 corners of a room


Blow up the balloons and put them in the corners of the room. Put each color in one corner. Break the students up into 4 teams and have their team choose a corner.  Next, each team chooses a blind man, and then blindfolds him (otherwise he wouldn't be a blind man then, would he?).

How to Play:

Count to three and have the game begin.  The blind man stays in the corner and guards the balloons that belong to his team.  Anyone he touches is "out" and must go sit down -- including members of his own team. Blindmen are  not allowed to touch balloons with their hands.

The rest of the team tries to pop the balloons of the other team.  They can't touch the balloons that belong to their own team.  Once a team loses all their balloons, they're out. Last team standing wins.




Pro Tips:

  1. Blindmen may eventually have a tendency to take one balloon all the way into the corner and guard it with his life.... Tell your group beforehand that this is not acceptable and a leader will kick the balloon away if he sees it happening.