Snowball Fight

A fun, high paced, chaotic game. 


  1. Lots of paper 
  2. or lots of marshmallows

How to Play: 

Give each team an even amount of sheets of paper (which they can ball up to make "snowballs") or an even amount of marshmallows (the more, the merrier). Divide the room in half. Tell the group that once the time is up, the team with the most amount of "snow" on their side of the room loses. Keep the time secret. 

Pro Tips: 

  1. If you use marshmallows, pick them up immediately after the game or students will step on them and your floor will be sticky. 
  2. Lay down some ground rules beforehand. No tearing sheets of paper in half. No going into different rooms, etc. 
  3. Play some music and keep it short. Leave them wanting more, not begging for it to be over