Cane Race


  1. Candy Canes 

  2. Bowls (two per team)

How to Play:

Divide the group into some decent sized teams (maybe 10 or so per team). Stand them in line, front to back , not side to side. On one end of each team, have a bowl of candy canes. However many you'd like to put in the bowl is up to you. On the other end of the team's line, have an empty bowl. Before the game starts, each student needs to put a candy cane in their mouth (I don't think it matters which side of the candy cane they use). The object of the game is to get all your candy canes from one bowl at one end of the line to the empty bowl at the opposite end of the line -- but you can't use your hands... only the candy cane in your mouth. The person at the beginning of the line picks up a candy cane from the bowl using the cane in his mouth. Then he transfers the candy cane to the person behind him, who then passes it off to the person behind them. So on and so forth. 

Each team is racing against the other. Stop the time before any one team is finished. The team with the most candy canes in their previously empty bowl wins. If a candy cane is dropped, tell students they must leave it. If it came our of their mouths, replace it with a new one from their team's bowl.