A race to fill pantyhose with balloons

Pro Tips:

  1. Have a camera ready 
  2. Prep your leaders ahead of time to encourage students to play the game right (don't let some kids get away with blowing up very very tiny balloons) 
  3. Play rudolph music 
  4. Buy a latex deer mask to wear while you explain the rules of the game (it'll come in handy for your Christmas photo booth anyway). 


  • Panty hose (one for each team)
  • Balloons (8 for each team) 
  • A screen (with lyrics on it) 

How to Play:

Divide your group into teams of 3-4. Give each team 8 balloons (4 for each leg of the pantyhose). On your mark, the teams will inflate their balloons and stuff them into the legs of the pantyhose. Then, when they've finished, have a team member put the pantyhose on their head and wear them like a hat of antlers. Then, while wearing the hat, they must sing the first verse of jingle bells. 

The first team to finish their antlers, put them on their teammate, and have that teammate sing the first verse of "JIngle Bells" wins. Make sure you take plenty of photos and a video!