Pancake Toss


A pancake tossing team game 

Pro Tips:

  1. Make small pancakes! 
  2. pair this game with a breakfast event or a lumberjack themed night


  • 30 pancakes per team
  • One plate per team
  • Optional: One oversized flannel per team

How to Play:

Give each team about 30 pancakes. Each team gets in a single file line. Each team uses one teammate with a plate to catch pancakes. The pancake catching teammate will stand approx 15 feet away. Whichever team catches the most pancakes wins. Teams can't mess with other teams. Each team must have one person throw at a time. The pancake catcher can move around. Mark a line that the teams can't move past and mark a line that the pancake catchers can't move past so that the pancake catchers can't get too close to their teammates. 


Instead of plates, give the pancakes catchers an oversized flannel to wear and have them catch pancakes with their shirts!