High Heel Race

This graphic and game were designed by T.J. Woodard and his team at undergroundfellowship from http://www.blufffirst.com/Bluff_First_-_Poplar_Bluff_Church/Home.html


  1. two big pairs of heels

How to Play:

We've been doing a Battle of the Sexes themed month and some of my leaders came up with a "High Heels Race."

We just picked up the two biggest pairs of heels we could find at Goodwill and had a relay race (5 of each gender) race all the way around the room. Made for some great laughs and luckily no twisted ankles.


  • Make sure you give the boys the biggest pair, it’s hard to slip a big foot into heels!
  • Consider splitting your seating arrangement down the middle with guys and girls on either side to root on their teammates. 
  • You can also have them form single file lines down the center aisle so the next runners aren’t in the way of the lap that’s being run.
  • We stuck masking tape under 5 chairs on each side to randomly select our contestants.


Either have the girls run the race in huge work boots while the guys run in high heels or do a separate race after the heels where both genders try to do it in huge/heavy work boots.