Grapes of Wrath

grapes of wrath.jpg


  1. Balloons (preferably purple or green)
  2. rolls of tape

How to Play:

Have students separate into groups. Have the groups wrap tape around a group member (sticky side out) and then stick balloons to them. Whichever group has the most balloons sticking to their person wins! (And they end up look like grape clusters). We usually just stop the time before any one group is finished with all their balloons. But you could always set a specific time before the game begins if you want to.


  • If you don't blow up the balloons first some students will blow them up really small in order to save time. Try to avoid this either by implementing a size rule or by pre-inflating the balloons. 
  • If there is a tie - then play whoever can shed or pop all their balloons first wins!