Candy Heart Charades


  1. List of words/phrases
  2. Or words/phrases written on small individual slips

How to Play:

You can either play charades... where one person from the group is chosen to perform the word or phrase and the rest of the group has a certain amount of time to guess correctly.


You can play reverse charades where the entire group acts it out and one person is chosen ahead of time to guess the word. When we play reverse charades, we give all the teams the same word and whoever tells the game host the right word first wins for their team.

We suggest doing Candy Heart Charades for a Valentine's Day Party. There's a ton of candy heart phrases out there. Here are a few more recent ones, I believe. You can google others though.

  • Home Sick
  • Kiss Me
  • I’m Sure
  • Love Me
  • Let’s Kiss
  • Hug Me
  • Be Good
  • Chill Out
  • Heat Wave
  • Cloud Nine
  • I Hope
  • Love Bird
  • Wild Life
  • One Kiss
  • My Love
  • New Love
  • So Fine
  • Be Kind
  • Sweet Talk
  • Marry Me
  • Do Good
  • Yes Dear
  • For You
  • Home Sick
  • Text Me
  • Girl Power
  • Pugs and Kittens
  • Luv 2 Dance