Leading Prayer vs. Leading People in Prayer

I had a convicting thought several months ago...

I had prayed my usual prayer that night right before the talk... that God would speak to us, that we would be sensitive and open to His Spirit and that ultimately we would be obedient to the word He had for us. Then I got into the message.

On the ride home, I wondered... did the students pray or did they listen to me praying? Were they missing out on an opportunity to speak to the Creator of the Universe? Did I get in the way? What would it look like to lead them in prayer rather than leading the prayer.

So the next week's prayer looked somewhat different. I'd pray something like, "God, thank you for your generosity." And then I'd stop and I'd encourage the students to "Take this time to tell God some things that you're thankful for." Then I'd start praying again, "God thank you for wanting to help us with our struggles." And then I'd encourage the students, "If there's something on your mind, an issue at home, something at school, take this time to lift it up to God and ask for Him to help you with it." So on and so forth. 

Since then I've been trying to make it a weekly habit. When I do, I don't have to wonder about whether or not my students actually spoke to God too.

Could you be more intentional about leading people in prayer rather than just leading the prayer?