I Need My Students To Share Their Faith With Me.

Today I found out that I need my students to share their faith with me much more than they currently do.

Here's what I remember learning:

1.) When my students vocalize their faith it helps them understand their faith.
2.) When my students understand their faith it helps them internalize their faith. 
3.) When my students internalize their faith it helps them live out their faith.

I also learned that in creating opportunities for my teens to speak about their faith I'm also "creating a culture of perpetual advent" - this idea of students expecting and looking for Jesus' work in their lives.

Sharing "highs and lows" is awesome. But Amanda Drury encourages us to add a spiritual conversation starter to the mix as well, "Where did you sense the presence of God this week?" and "Where did you feel like God was just totally absent this week?"

Check out the video here: