Best and Worst Youth Group Names

Best and Worst Youth Group Names

Hey, this is obviously just one guy's opinion. If you've got another opinion, we'd love to hear it. If you're offended by this article - feel free to vent... we can handle it. Lots of tongue in cheek going on.

Worst Youth Group Names:

(In no particular order)

1. 7 Up (for grades, 7 and up)

Hey, that's a soda. Also, you're probably breaking the law.

2. SNL (Saturday Night Live)

The university I went to had a night called FNL. Friday Night Live. It was a comedy night and although I never went, I heard it was good. I thought FNL was appropriate. You understood that it was a comedy night and that it was on Friday. But SNL as a youth group name seems confusing and again, maybe illegal.

3. Xplosion

I see what you did there. You and 40% of youth groups who think misspelling something is "what the teens are into these days." We all know how much teens like to play with sticks of dynamite. Kids are always calling in bomb threats to our local school... this is the perfect name!

4. UFC (Ultimate Faith Challenge)

Google UFC and you'll find a plethora of pictures and videos of people beating the tar out of each other. The last thing you'll think of is the Greatest Commandment. Don't be upset if a teen comes to your meeting expecting a local Fight Club and ends up decking you. You're practically asking for it.

5. Power and Light Company

Hey, who gets excited when they hear the words, "Utility Company"? Probably everyone. Also, a little bit nostalgic if Monopoly was a big part of your childhood.

6. Christ Addicts

First one's free. There's probably one teen in every youth group that feels like a Christ Addict. You probably don't want to name a youth group based on one teen.

7. XLR8

Accelerate. What's the slogan there? We go fast. We're increasing in speed. What's the connection to being a Christian youth group? Okay, so I wrote the description before I found the graphic. It's actually a pretty sweet logo.

8. Kaos  (Krazy and otherwise saved)

You spelled Kaos wrong. You spelled Krazy wrong. Unless you're a fan of Mortal Kombat. Also, "otherwise saved"? Apart from being krazy, we're also saved. Those two things are disconnected. We just happen to be krazy. That's what "otherwise" implies.

9. 420 Youth Ministries

We're high on Jesus. There's probably some passage connected to this like Acts 4:20. But the fact of the matter is, 420 is a widely known marijuana-related term.

10. Bible Behemoths

"Dictionnaire Infernal - Behemoth" by E. Plon - Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

"Dictionnaire Infernal - Behemoth" by E. Plon - Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

Here's something no one at your local high school understands. Behemoths. We're huge monstrous creatures that enjoy scripture. Come join us!

11. Earth Tourists

You sound crazy. Or... very into traveling.

12. Losers


11. Pulse

I think the tag line is, "We're barely alive."

12. TACO

I don't care what it stands for. We all know what a taco is and we're not sure why they're such a big part of your vision.

Best Youth Group Names

1. The Tribe

I enjoy youth group names that focus on describing the group of individuals. When you're a part of "XLR8" it doesn't sound like the individual is important. When you're a part of The Tribe you know that your presence is valued. There's ownership involved. I also like the fact that you can easily design the youth room, your documents, your graphics, etc to all match your name. I've even heard of a youth group that calls their Youth Pastor "chief" instead of "pastor." It's an easy way to develop your own culture.

2. The Pack

Same as the Tribe.

3. Fuego

I know a  lot of youth groups are named after fire or being on fire or being pyros or something of the sort. But if you're a primarily spanish youth group - I love that this term describes a part of who you are while still being identifiable to English-only speakers.

4. Fellowship of Christian Athletes

So "jocks" weren't a race in The Lord of The Rings but I still enjoy this name. It's descriptive (though a little too serious and old sounding) but students know what it's all about. The best part is, it's recognizable enough that "FCA-Mount Pleasant" is easily understood as a Fellowship of Christian Athletes group that meets at Mount Pleasant High School.

5. The Adventure

I don't know if this is a real youth group name. But I like it. Especially when I picture a group of students on a youth trip all wearing the same shirt. It's clear they're on an adventure somewhere. And like all great adventures, there's obstacles to be overcome and the going is equal parts fun and equal parts tough. Most importantly, we're going somewhere together and the destination is worth whatever comes our way. Holy goodness.

6. Young Life

From Young Life's FB.

The names highly recognizable and I've heard that branding research shows that the Young Life's brand has great associations and is received quite favorably. Also, they have some sweet hand gestures.

7. The Well

It's a place for the spiritually thirsty. It's also a place where you can come and thirst no more. It's a place for sinners to sit and speak with Jesus. It's a place where transformation happens. This youth group name has great biblical meaning when we consider the experience of the woman at the well. It's also gender neutral, short, upbeat, and doesn't set the expectation that every single night is going to be a rave party.

8. The Foundry

"Where lives are formed." "Made for More." It's a strong and mature name without being overly hyped. The theme comes quite naturally and one can easily see how this youth room would look. It's industrial. It's warm. It's a little on the dark side. It's edgy. I'm down with it.

9. King’s Way

I like the idea of a youth group with a crown in the logo. It'll look something like a record label and I enjoy that. I also love the fact that God is the King of kings and the Lord of lords and it's awesome to know that we serve Him. The Way is also the name early Christians gave to their faith. I think that's pretty baller too!

10. Limitless

Christ has come so that you may have life and have it to the full. Also, the same power that raised Christ from the dead is at work inside of us. What is impossible with man is possible with God. Only through God will your potential be realized.