whipped cream

Whip It Good


Participants retrieve candy from a bowl of whipped cream without using their hands

Pro Tips:

  1. Choose your contestants wisely. Don't pick someone who will be a wet noodle.
  2. Have towels ready for quick clean up


  • 1 can of whipped cream for each contestant
  • 1 bowl for each contestant
  • 1 bag of candy (we used Swedish Fish)

How to Play:

We put 5 Swedish Fish in each bowl (but you could use gummy bears or any other candy you think would work well and then we emptied a can of whipped cream in each bowl. We told our students that whoever got 3 fish out first won. This way the game didn't drag on too long. If you're thinking this is the same as bear hunt, you're right but it's a little better since you aren't limited to just gummy bears.