Nose Job

It's pin the tail on the donkey - Christmas Edition. 


  1. Several red paper circles
  2. tape
  3. antler headband -- these can be found fairly cheap lots of places around Christmas time!
  4. Blindfolds

How to Play: 

Dress a leader (or youth pastor!) up as Rudolph and have him/her on stage or front and center. Take their red paper nose off them. Ask for several members of the audience to help get Rudolph's nose back on them. Have them stand at a designated distance, put the blindfold on them and have them walk towards rudolph and try to place the red paper circle on the leader's nose (you'll need to put some tape on the back of these circles). Tell students that they only get one chance - they must lead with their fake nose and the moment it touches something solid... that's where they must put the nose. Allow your audience to help guide the competitors (or misguide them).