Buddy the Elf Challenge

Buddy the Elf has a strange diet based on the main four food groups. Show this clip on the right to prep your students for an awesome game: 


  1. Cooked Pasta
  2. Syrup
  3. Sprinkles
  4. Marshmallows
  5. Chocolate Syrup
  6. M&Ms
  7. Poptarts (Chocolate fudge is the flavor Buddy uses in Elf)

Pro Tips: 

  1. Recruit volunteers ahead of time. Like, before your event begins so you know who will be down to play along. 
  2. Don't make kids laugh by complaining about how terrible it is. Make kids laugh by talking about how delicious it is. It'll keep spirits high and be even more funny.

How to Play: 

Buddy the Elf creates this meal in the movie Elf and it's hilarious. Try to replicate his enthusiasm as you sell this game to your students. Create some plates in front of the students using the ingredients we suggested from the movie (or some of your own ideas!).  Invite a few students to dine with you. Whoever eats their plate the fastest wins. You should definitely participate. And every once in a while, roll your eyes back and exclaim how good it is!