Pinata Head

Thanks for this game submission Jeramee Wambach, Middle School Director at Calvary Community Church


It's a little like dueling unicorns.

Pro Tips:

  1. Be prepared for some quick clean up afterwards
  2. Choose younger/weaker volunteers
  3. Have them hold the pool noodles towards the bottom.
  4. Go all out and use large chip bags (the bags tend to be thicker than personal sized bags)


  • 1 helmet per contestant (we used our construction helmets from weiner head and just took the screws out).
  • 1 Bag of Chips per contestant
  • 1 pool noodle per contestant
  • Candy for the winner (a candy prize only makes sense)

How to Play:

Tape a bag of chips to the top of a bicycle helmet. Secure the helmet to the head of two contestants. You might want to use duct tape as a chin strap to make it more secure. When using duct tape around a chin and neck area, too much is just too much. Don't over do it. Lesson learned! (Jeramee used duct tape to secure the helmets to his teens... we found that our construction helmets didn't need this extra support). Have the contestants face off about three or four feet apart. Go hit for hit. With the pool noodles. Don't be tempted to use a wiffle ball bat. Not all kids have the best aim. Taking turns trying to break open the opposing contestants chips. You can include more players if you do a play off style. two rounds then a championship round. Have all of the helmets made up before hand.


Have multiple kids go at the same time free-for-all style - last man standing wins.

Variation #2:

Blind fold the contestants!