World's Greatest Salesperson

The World's Greatest Sales Person could sell me a brick. Right? This is a trick game.


  1. An Opaque Bag

Pro Tips:

  1. As with any trick game, choose a volunteer that can handle being the goose.

How to Play:

Tell the students that the world's greatest salesperson would be able to sell a brick. Ask if anyone is up for the challenge of selling something... tell them they can win 5 dollars which you'll give to a random person in the audience and if that random person is convinced to buy whatever it is they sell, they'll give up the five dollars in exchange for the mysterious sale item (which will go unnamed but be thoroughly described).

Take the volunteer outside the room. Hand him the opaque bag. Let him know nothing is in it (I used a brown paper bag and rolled it shut). But tell him to pretend he's selling bubble gum. And tell him part of the rule is he's absolutely NOT allowed to say what he's actually selling.

Have a leader inside the room "giving the 5 dollars to a random student in the audience" but really, he or she is just telling the kids that the salesman is going to try to sell them underwear.

Salesman walks in and thinks he's selling gum. "It tastes delicious! It's my favorite snack, it's chewy and I can blow bubbles with it and sometimes I like to play with it in my fingers." Blah blah blah. Your group will catch on but it will be funny for them anyways because they know who the joke is on.

After this goes on for a while, end the game (before it gets overplayed) and tell the salesman that they were selling underwear and let them know there was never 5 dollars.