Weiner Head

This game idea came from Young Life.


Students try to catch hotdogs on spikey helmets!


  1. Hotdogs
  2. Helmets
  3. Screws
  4. Drill


  • This game seems like it would be best played outdoors. If you do play it outside, then don't make it a race. Just see who can get the most out of 10 or so.
  • Couple this game with a cookout!
  • Make sure you have some leaders standing by ready to take pictures!

How to Play:

Drill some holes into hardhats. Put some screws through the top of the helmet from inside (so that the tip of the drill is outside of the helmet). Have teams of 2 or more compete against each other. You'll have to make variations to this game if you want to put more than 2 on a team.

One partner throws hotdogs while the other partner tries to catch them on the top of their spikey helmet. Keep them a set distance apart. We suggest giving each partner 8 or so hotdogs and making them race - first team to get all their hotdogs on the helmet wins. When the hotdogs miss the helmet have a leader toss them back to the "thrower."

The picture provided is from YoungLife's Facebook Page.

The picture provided is from YoungLife's Facebook Page.