Bite The Bag

The font is: A Love of Thunder. And it's awesome. And it's probably from DaFont. Try not to overuse it. It looks good on just about everything.

Bite the Bag is originally a Minute to Win It Game. Which is awesome because you can usually find intro videos called "blue prints" that will show your group how the game is played. I find them on youtube and download them with realplayer. Minute to Win It calls this game "Bite Me."


  1. 1 large paper bag per person (your local grocery store should have plenty)

How to Play:

Students stand on one foot, bend down and try to pick up their bag with their teeth. If they lose their balance and fall, or touch the ground at all, they are out and must go sit down. If they succeed in picking up the bag they make it to round 2. 

Round 2: fold the top of the bag down into itself by a couple inches, making it harder to pick up. Students bend down once again, on one foot, and try to pick it up with their teeth. Eliminate those who fell/touched the ground and continue on to round 3.

 Round 3: Fold the top of the bag down even further. Repeat.

It may sound a little strange, but it's actually great fun to watch and can get pretty hard the farther down you roll the bag.

You can also play this video for your students to pump them up for it:


Pro Tips:

  1. This game can also be played as a group game.
  2. There are several other games involving paper bags on our site -- you could have a paper bag themed game night.
  3. If you play this as an upfront game with just a few competitors... give everyone 3 chances or falls before they are out. Last student standing wins. "falls/chances" shouldn't restart each round. Keep a running count and when they get to three, kick them out.
  4. Have leaders fold bags to keep it as fair and even as possible.